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The introduction of the iPhone in 2007 changed the face of mobile computing. Finally a device was available that allowed us to use the web from a device we could carry around in our pocket. Previous phones and PDA’s supported web access but the user interface was clumsy making their use limited as a web browser.

As websites are typically designed to be viewed from the desktop they assume a much greater screen size than is available on mobile devices such as iPhone or Android based phones. For a better mobile browsing experience we need to understand the differences between the desktop and mobile devices, and build sites accordingly.

With the Dee Why Lions site we have used a different layout for viewing by mobile devices. It provides a more concise presentation of the happenings at the Lions without changing the actual content presented. This means a far better browsing experience on a mobile device without impacting on the functionality when browsing from your desktop.

There’s nothing you need to do to use the new layout from your mobile device. It will automatically detect what you are using and present you with the appropriate interface. (If you want to see the desktop version on your mobile then there is a switch at the bottom of the each page).

There are still a few issues such as image galleries not displaying correctly, but it is a step in the right direction. We will address these issues and others as part of our ongoing commitment to presenting Dee Why Lions on the web.

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About the author

I play rugby on the weekends with the Dee Why Lions Oldies team. During the week I manageĀ Obiweb, providing support to the business community on how to best utilise the web.

Through Obiweb I am also responsible for this site, keeping the Lions community up to date on happenings at the club.

If you are interested in discussing how Obiweb can help with your business then feel free to contact me, or join me on Facebook.
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